ASM Fully Automated Gold Wire Ball Bonder Eagle60-XL 11-2008 (5819)


ASM Fully Automated Gold Wire Ball Bonder Eagle60-XL 11-2008 (5819)

$5,500 (USD)

Goleta, CA


ASM Technology Thermosonic Wire Bonder Eagle60-XL Gold Wire Ball Bonder, (5819) Good cosmetic condition with some signs of use. We are unable to test this item, sold as is, powers up. See pictures for more detail. Manufacturer: ASM Technology Model #: Eagle60-XL Model:WireBonder Description: ASM Technology Eagle60-XL (with manual Workholder) Gold wire ball bonder machine for fine pitch bonding. Computer controlled system for bonding gold wire interconnections to the integrated circuit. Ultra fine pitch capability of 35 microns pad pitch bonding at 0.6-mil wire. This machine has multi-lingual man-machine interface, small footprint & built-in on-line vision inspection. Defects: We are unable to test this item sold as is, powers up, was working when removed from site,shows screen (see images). May have loose wire? Specifications: Bonding System Bonding Method: (TS) Thermosonic BQM Mode: Constant Current, Voltage, Power & Normal (Programmable) Loop Type: Normal, Low, Square, Penta, & J XY Resolution: 0.2m Z Resolution (Capillary Traveling Motion): 0.4m No. of Bonding Wires: Up to 3000 Program Storage: 1000 Programs on Hard Disk Multimode Transducer System: Programmable Profile, Control & Vibration Modes Vision System Pattern Recognition Time: 70ms / point Pattern Recognition Accuracy: +- 0.37m Lead Locator Detection: 12ms / lead (3 leads/ frame) Lead Locator Accuracy: +- 2.4m Post Bond Inspection: First bond, Second bond, & Wire tracing Max. Die Level Difference: 150m Material Handling System Indexing Speed: 200-250ms @ 0.5 " Pitch Indexer Resolution: 1m Leadframe Position Accuracy: +- 2 mil Applicable Leadframe: W=62.5-160mm @ bonding area in Y=88mm = 106-110mm@ bonding area in Y= 84mm L= 280mm (Maximum) T= 0.075 - 0.8 mm Applicable Magazine W= 120mm (Maximum) L= 140-280mm H=180mm (Maximum) Magazine Pitch: 2.4 - 10mm (0.09" - 0.39") Device Changeover: < 4 minutes Package Changeover: < 5 minutes Number of Magazine: Max. 435 mm Facilities Voltage: 110 VAC (optional) 100/120/200/210/220/230/240 Compressed Air: 150 LPM max. at 3 - 6 bar Power Consumption: 1500 W Dimensions: W= 720mm (29") D= 800mm (32") H= 1600mm (64") Net Weight: 750kg (1654 lbs) Includes Two Preventive Maintenance Manuals and Electrical Drawings. Crating Fee: $275.00 Sold as is with 30day Right of Return, only pictured items included Easy return/refund for any reason Anacapa Equipment RETURNS Anacapa Equipment strives to offer excellent customer service. You may return any equipment purchased from us for any reason within thirty (30) days after your receipt of the equipment for a full refund of the purchase price, provided that returned items must be received in the same condition as sent. We DO NOT ship internationally. IF you are using a freight forwarder then returns are VOID. SHIPPING All equipment purchased is shipped within one (1) day (subject to freight availability) after receipt of payment and is shipped FOB place of shipment. We only charge actual shipping cost. If eBay overcharges for shipping, we issue an immediate refund for the difference. If you are undercharged, we will absorb the cost. We DO NOT ship internationally. IF you are using a freight forwarder then returns are VOID. LIMITED WARRANTY Buyer acknowledges that the equipment is being sold as is and without any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Buyer may inspect the equipment prior to purchase and placement of the order prior to inspection is deemed a waiver of Buyers right to inspect. Buyer is responsible for determining the suitability of this product for its application. Anacapa Equipment Brokers, Inc. assumes no liability for the use or misuse of any equipment purchased by Buyer. It is assumed that the unit will be installed and operated by qualified personnel. The purchaser agrees that the seller shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages, whether incidental or consequential, associated in any way with the equipment purchased. The Buyer, by purchasing this equipment, indicates its acknowledgment of, and agreement, to the terms of this limited warranty.


ManufacturerASM Technology
Applicable regionsGold Wire Ball Bonder
Model #Eagle60-XL
Bonding Method(TS) Thermosonic
BQM ModeConstant Current, Voltage, Power & Normal (Programmable)
Loop TypeNormal, Low, Square, Penta, & J
XY Resolution0.2m
Z Resolution (Capillary Traveling Motion)0.4m
No. of Bonding WiresUp to 3000
Program Storage1000 Programs on Hard Disk
Multimode Transducer SystemProgrammable Profile, Control & Vibration Modes
Pattern Recognition Time70ms / point
Pattern Recognition Accuracy+- 0.37m
Lead Locator Detection12ms / lead (3 leads/ frame)
Lead Locator Accuracy+- 2.4m
Post Bond InspectionFirst bond, Second bond, & Wire tracing
Max. Die Level Difference150m
Indexing Speed200-250ms @ 0.5 " Pitch
Indexer Resolution1m
Leadframe Position Accuracy+- 2 mil
Magazine Pitch2.4 - 10mm (0.09" - 0.39")
Device Changeover< 4 minutes
Package Changeover< 5 minutes
Number of MagazineMax. 435 mm
Voltage110 VAC (optional) 100/120/200/210/220/230/240
Compressed Air150 LPM max. at 3 - 6 bar
Power Consumption1500 W
Net Weight750kg (1654 lbs)
Crating Fee$275.00