Applikon Biotechnology Z310110010 eZ-Control Bioreactor Control System (6717)W

Applikon Biotechnology Z310110010 eZ-Control Bioreactor Control System (6717)W

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Applikon Biotechnology Z310110010 eZ-Control Bioreactor Control System (6717)W Item is in good cosmetic condition with some signs of use. Powers, on. All buttons are functional. Touch screen responds well to inputs. Alaki Pump turned while holding down prime button. Thermo circulator water fail notification appears because water has not been hooked up. P-100 motor responds and turns. No further testing done. Login password 0000. See pictures for more details. Free 30 day return Manufacturer: Applikon Model #/ Model: Z310110010 Ez-Control, P-100 DOM: 2009 Description:The ez-Control accurately controls pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Foam/Level and Agitation in bioreactors and fermentors. The color touch screen interface guides the user through the intuitive operation. The adaptive control features allow the user to focus on the process while the controller keeps tight control on the important process parameters. What makes this controller unique are its ease of use, its small footprint, its flexibilityand its accurate control. The optional ADDA board offers an additional 8 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. (Taken from manufacturer website) Included: Applikon eZ-Control Bioreactor Control User Manual PDF on USB Drive Power Supply Cord Motor P100 Maximum Torque: 0.20 NM The motor studs fit in the Top Stirrer Assemblies of the 2 to 7 liter bioreactors RPM: 0-1250 RPM I: 2.4A U: 16 Vdc T: 1.13Nm N: 200rpm i: 6.25 Features: Simple operation Adaptive PID control OPC compliance User deniable Control Loop configuration Store, copy and reload process configurations Local data storage and display up to 72 hours Synoptic, trending and bar graph displays Multiple user levels Applications Autoclavable bioreactors Steam in Place bioreactors Single Use Bioreactors Microbial and Cell cultivation Batch, Fed-Batch, Perfusion and continuous cultivation Specifications: pH: Range 0-14 | Accuracy: 0.01 pH Temperature: Range 0 - 150C | Accuracy: 0.1C Dissolved Oxygen: Range 0 - 100% Saturation | Accuracy 0.1% Foam/Level: Range Conductivity based measurement | Accuracy: On/ off Control Agitation: Range 0 - 1250 rpm, 0 - 2000 rpm | Accuracy 1 rpm Analog in: 8x Analog out: 4x Digital in: 8x Digital out: 8x Fluorophor pH: Range Optional 5.5 - 8.5 pH | Accuracy +/- 0.1 pH Fluorophor Dissolved Oxygen: Range Optional 0 - 100% saturation | Accuracy +/- 0.1% Biomass: Optional Display: 10.4 Inch color display with resistive touchscreen Communication interfaces: 1 x Ethernet port (Computer communication) 2 x USB Slave 1 x USB Master Control Type: PID control with selectable auto-tuning adaptive control Actuators: Up to 3 fixed speed pumps Up to 4 Mass Flw controllers Heating and cooling via thermocirculator, heating blanket, cooling water valve Water cooled condenser connection Additional features: Emergency stop connection, central alarm output, Color touch screen operation Process Connections: 2 x Gas outlet, water for condenser (in and out), Water for temperature control (in and out) The applied sensor input amplifiers have the following specifications: pH amplifier: Range:0 pH - 14 pH Accuracy:0.01 pH R in : > 10 15 Temperature amplifier: Type : Pt-100 (3-wire type) Range: 0 o C - 150 o C Accuracy: 0.1 o C DO amplifier: Type:Polarographic Range: 0 % - 500 % (air) / 0 % - 100 % (oxygen) Accuracy:0.1 % Level amplifier: Type: On/Off signal Sensitivity: High: Conductivity26 S equals Contact Low: Conductivity200 S equals Contact" Connections Included: pH and DO Temperature and Foam/Level Motor and Encoder (motor) Heating Blanket Regulator Valve Water to Condenser Water From Condenser CO O AIR N Fixed speed pump for controlled liquid addition Water Inlet Atmospheric Drain User friendly detachable and autoclavable bottle rack accommodates up to 3 liquid addition bottles Environmental Conditions: Indor Altitude: Up to 2000 m Temperature: 4C to 45C Maximum relative humidty 80% for temperature up to 31C, decreasing linearly to 50 % relative humidty at 45C Mains Supply Voltage: 115/230 VAC (+15%/-20%), 50/60 Hz P-max= 1200 VA Power: 230 Vac 50 Hb / 115 Vac 60 Hb Dimensions: LxWxH": 19x16x28" Shipping Dimensions: LxWxH": 36x32x38" Weight: 66 Lb Shipping Weight: ~ 140 Lb $75 Crating Fee Sold as is with 30 day Right of Return, only pictured items included Easy return/refund for any reason Anacapa Equipment RETURNS Anacapa Equipment Brokers, Inc. 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ModelZ310110010 eZ Control, P1-100
Model #/ ModelZ310110010 Ez-Control, P-100
Maximum Torque0.20 NM
RPM0-1250 RPM
U16 Vdc
Dissolved OxygenRange 0 - 100% Saturation | Accuracy 0.1%
AgitationRange 0 - 1250 rpm, 0 - 2000 rpm | Accuracy 1 rpm
Analog in8x
Analog out4x
Digital in8x
Digital out8x
Fluorophor pHRange Optional 5.5 - 8.5 pH | Accuracy +/- 0.1 pH
Fluorophor Dissolved OxygenRange Optional 0 - 100% saturation | Accuracy +/- 0.1%
Display10.4 Inch color display with resistive touchscreen
Control TypePID control with selectable auto-tuning adaptive control
Process Connections2 x Gas outlet, water for condenser (in and out), Water for temperature control (in and out)
Range0 % - 500 % (air)
Accuracy0.1 %
TypeOn/Off signal
HighConductivity26 S equals Contact
LowConductivity200 S equals Contact"
AltitudeUp to 2000 m
Temperature4C to 45C
Mains Supply Voltage115/230 VAC (+15%/-20%), 50/60 Hz
Power230 Vac 50 Hb / 115 Vac 60 Hb
Weight66 Lb
Shipping Weight~ 140 Lb