Labsphere 10" XB900 Integrating Sphere w/ S2000 & PDA55 Silicone Detector (7018)


Labsphere 10" XB900 Integrating Sphere w/ S2000 & PDA55 Silicone Detector (7018)

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Goleta, CA


Labsphere 10" XB900 Integrating Sphere w/ S2000 & PDA55 Silicone Detector (7018) In great cosmetic condition. The top port may need to be taped to prevent light leaking. Unable to test. The coating inside appears to be in great condition but unable to test. See pictures for more detail. Manufacturer: Labsphere Model #: XB900 Model: 10" Integrating Sphere OD: 10" (Actual 10.75") ID: 9.5" National Instruments ER-8 Model #: 103064B-02 An 16-Channel SPDT Relay Accessory for Data Acquisition Boards Channel Rating Number of channels: 16 channels Relay type: SPDT (1 Form C), nonlatching Max switching capacity (resistive load)1 AC: 3 A at 250 VAC DC: 3 A at 30 VDC Max working voltage: 250 Vrms (channel to ground 250 Vrms (channel to channel, same phase) Switching current: 3 A max per channel 40 A max for ER-16, all channels Channel on resistance: 100 mΩ Contact material: Silver-nickel alloy Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations min Electrical: 100,000 at rated load Isolation Complies with IEC 1010 for Voltage Installation Category II Pollution Degree 2 Operate time: 10 ms Release time: 5 ms Voltage: +5 V (±5%) Current: 1.0 A for 16 channels ALSO INCLUDES: National Instruments 180524D-10 Ribbon Cable Type NB1, 1-Meter & Pomona 4530-C-60 BNC Male with Molded Strain Relief to Stacking Double Banana Plugs (x4) Ocean Optics S2000 Spectrometer (This information was taken from an online Ocean Optics data sheet and may not be accurate) Absolute Maximum Ratings: VCC: + 5.5 VDC Voltage on any pin: Vcc + 0.2 VDC Physical Specifications: Physical Dimensions (enclosure): 5.46 (length) x 4.14 (width) x 1.60 (height) inches (master only) Weight: 200 g (master only, no enclosure) Power: Power requirement (master): 130 mA at +5 VDC Power requirement (slave): 70 mA at +5 VDC Supply voltage: 4.5 – 5.5 V Power-up time: 3 msec Spectrometer: Design: Asymmetric crossed Czerny-Turner Focal length (input): 42 mm Focal length (output): 68mm Input Fiber Connector: SMA 905 Gratings: 14 different gratings Entrance Slit: 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200 µm slits. (Slits are optional. In the absence of a slit, the fiber acts as the entrance slit.) Detector: Sony ILX511 CCD Spectroscopic: Integration Time: 3 -> 30,000 msec 10 Dynamic Range: 2x10 (to the 8th power) Signal-to-Noise: 250:1 Single acquisition Readout Noise (single dark spectrum): 3.5 counts RMS, 20 counts peak to peak Resolution (FWHM): 0.03-10.0 nm varies by config. Stray Light: <0.05% at 600 nm: <0.10% at 435 nm Spectrometer Channels: 8 (Master plus up to 7 slaves) PDA55 Switchable Gain, Amplified Silicon Detector Manufacturer: Thorlabs Active Area: 3.6 x 3.6 mm Response: 320 to 1100 nm Peak Response: 0.6 A/W @ 960 nm Bandwidth: DC to 10MHz Output Connector: BNC Power Supply: 110vac to DC ALSO INCLUDES: Thorlabs Power Supply (Not Pictured In Photos) Model #: PS-12DC-US Sold as is with 30 day Right of Return, only pictured items included Easy return/refund for any reason Anacapa Equipment RETURNS Anacapa Equipment Brokers, Inc. 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Model10" Integrating Sphere
Model #PS-12DC-US
OD10" (Actual 10.75")
Number of channels16 channels
Relay typeSPDT (1 Form C), nonlatching
AC3 A at 250 VAC
DC3 A at 30 VDC
Max working voltage250 Vrms (channel to ground
Channel on resistance100 mΩ
Contact materialSilver-nickel alloy
Mechanical10,000,000 operations min
Electrical100,000 at rated load
Operate time10 ms
Release time5 ms
Voltage+5 V (±5%)
ALSO INCLUDESThorlabs Power Supply (Not Pictured In Photos)
Weight200 g (master only, no enclosure)
Power-up time3 msec
Focal length (input)42 mm
Focal length (output)68mm
Input Fiber ConnectorSMA 905
Gratings14 different gratings
DetectorSony ILX511 CCD
Integration Time3 -> 30,000 msec 10
Dynamic Range2x10 (to the 8th power)
Readout Noise (single dark spectrum)3.5 counts RMS, 20 counts peak to peak
Resolution (FWHM)0.03-10.0 nm varies by config.
Spectrometer Channels8 (Master plus up to 7 slaves)
Active Area3.6 x 3.6 mm
Response320 to 1100 nm
Peak Response0.6 A/W @ 960 nm
BandwidthDC to 10MHz
Output ConnectorBNC
Power Supply110vac to DC