FiberPrime EDFA-C-26G-S-FA Portable C-Band 1530-1562 nm Amplifier w/ LED (9770)R

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FiberPrime EDFA-C-26G-S-FA Portable C-Band 1530-1562 nm Amplifier w/ LED (9770)R

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FiberPrime EDFA-C-26G-S-FA Portable C-Band 1530-1562 nm Amplifier/BoosterUSED (9770)R In good cosmetic condition. Powers on unable to test further. There are 3 total units but the price is for each unit. See pictures for more detail. Manufacturer: Fiberprime With LED Enable Also Includes: Power Supply Fiber Optics Cable + x2 Keys Specifications: The following specifications were taken from an online user manual or manufacturer's website and may not be specific to this item, please look at pictures carefully for items included and specifics. These specifications are for reference only. Operation Wavelength: 1529.16 - 1561.84nm (It can be used at wider wavelength range at lower gain and power performance.) Input Power: -19.00 - -13dBm (It can be used at wider range at lower gain and power performance.) Gain: 24.5dB(min) 25.5dB(typical) 26.5dB(max) (Gain near 1562nm or near 1529nm might be slightly out of specification.) Traditional Transient Over/Undershoot/Offset (Po)/(Pu)/(Pos): 0.5dB(max) (For 6dB add/drop within3.2nm band) ON-OFF Transient Overshoot/Offset (Po)/(Pos): 1.5dB(max) (From dark to -13 dBm input with rise time < 30 ns) Dimensions Sold as is with 30day Right of Return, only pictured items included Easy return/refund for any reason RETURNS Anacapa Equipment Brokers, Inc. (Seller) strives to offer excellent customer service. You may return any equipment purchased from us for any reason within thirty (30) days after your receipt of the equipment for a full refund of the purchase price, provided that returned items are received in the same condition as sent. We DO NOT ship internationally. If you are using a freight forwarder then returns are VOID. SHIPPING All equipment purchased is shipped within one (1) business day (subject to freight availability) after receipt of payment and is shipped FOB place of shipment. We only charge actual shipping cost. If eBay overcharges for shipping, we issue an immediate refund for the difference. If you are undercharged, we will absorb the cost. We DO NOT ship internationally. IF you are using a freight forwarder then returns are VOID. LIMITED WARRANTY Buyer acknowledges that the equipment is being sold as is" and without any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the equipment is with the Buyer. Should the equipment prove defective following its purchase the Buyer and not the Seller, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repair. Buyer may inspect the equipment prior to purchase and placement of the order. Failure to inspect prior to placement of an order is deemed a waiver of Buyers right to inspect. Buyer is responsible for determining the suitability of the equipment for its application. Seller assumes no liability for the use or misuse of any equipment purchased by Buyer. It is assumed that the equipment will be installed and operated by qualified personnel. The Buyer agrees that the Seller shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages, whether incidental or consequential, associated in any way with the equipment purchased. The Buyer, by purchasing this equipment, indicates its acknowledgment of, and agreement, to the terms of this limited warranty . INDEMNITY Buyer shall be solely liable for, and shall defend, indemnify, and hold Seller, its Affiliates, and all of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, and independent contractors (Indemnitees) harmless from and against any and all damages, liabilities, injuries, losses, costs (including reasonable attorneys and experts fees at trial and on appeal), and expenses which may be incurred by, asserted against, or recoverable from any Indemnitee as a result of any actual or threatened action, suit or proceeding arising out of or relating in any way to the purchase of equipment from Seller. The validity and interpretation of this Agreement and the enforcement thereof shall be governed by the laws of the State of California without regard to any principles governing conflicts of laws. Any dispute arising from the purchase of equipment from Seller must be resolved in the State Courts of California.


Dc input9-18VDC
Output power6.7 - 13.3dBm
Noise figure5dB(max)
Pdg0.3dB(max) (Polarization Dependent Gain.)
Pmd0.4ps(max) (Polarization Mode Dispersion.)
Input/output return loss35dB(max)
Residual pump power at output25dBm(max)
Transient suppression time(tts)20ns(typical) 50ns(max)
Transient settling time(tst)500s(max)
Operating temperature1040C (Warm-Up time 5 Min)
Actual dimensions9x8x3"
Actual weight5 lbs