GE Healthcare 11001284 Twin ÄKTAxpress FPLC Chromatography System 7164

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Model #/ Model11001284 | KTAxpress Twin Modules AKTA
ApplicationUnattended multistep purification of tagged proteins and antibodies
Flow rate0.1-65 ml/min
Operating pressure max.3 MPa (435 psi)
Tubing i.d. (flow path)1 mm
Single Wavelength DetectionMercury lamp and 254 and 280 nm filters included. Optional filters for 313, 365, 405, 436 and 546 nm.
Multiple wavelength detectionNo
UV wavelength254, 280 included. Optional 313, 365, 405, 436, 546 nm and 214 nm
Flow cell path length2 mm
Multiple sample injectionYes, up to 4 samples
Autosampler injectionNo
Automatic buffer preparationNo
Buffer selection10 buffer inlets
Multistep purificationYes, up to 4 steps
Relative humidity20%-95% (non condensing)
PH Stability Long Term2-12
PH Stability Short Term114
Viscositymax 5 cP
Voltage100-120/220-240 VAC
Power consumption120 VA
Protection classIP 20
Pump typePiston pump, metering type, 100mL (x4)
Actual Dimensions23 x 26 x 10
Shipping Dimensions31 x 36 x 38
Weight60lbs Each Module
Shipping Weight~ 200 lbs
Crating Fee$75